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      The trustees of the Empire State Carpenters Funds, the Albany/ Adirondack Carpenters Pension Fund, and the NJ Carpenters Funds have announced the merger of their pension, annuity, health and training funds, effective January 1, 2016. The joint administration of the pension, annuity and training funds will take effect immediately, while the joint administration of the health plans will be phased-in gradually.

      The merger will affect approximately 30,000 union carpenters in the Long Island, upper New York State and New Jersey areas. The new name of the merged funds will be the Northeast Carpenters Funds.

      “The merger of the four benefit funds will lead to operational and administrative efficiencies that will reduce expenses and enhance their financial stability,” said David Stewart, Funds Director of the Empire State Carpenters Funds. “A new board of trustees will be named with members representing each of the three geographical areas being merged.”

      Stewart said the membership will receive timely notifications about the merger process and any changes in the funds’ benefit structure and/or regulations.




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